Weather Stations

We have tried a variety of stations including self made DIY stations. It became very clear very quickly that more robust weather stations that have been tried and tested in the field, would be needed.

We support a number of weather stations and evaluating your proposed location will help us determine which station would be suited. We love engaging with like-minded wind-sport enthusiasts who want to have access to live weather data tailored for our wind-sports and we look forward to hearing about your proposal and potentially collaborating with you.


Although being installed high up in the air and subjected to some interesting forces, you will be amazed at the amount of debris that can collect in and on a weather station. Insects and arachnids also find the weather stations an ideal place to make a home. We recommend that weather stations are brought down and cleaned approximately every 2-3 months to ensure the continued accuracy of the data.

Getting a Weather Station for a Site

The Wind2Speed budget for weather stations is almost exhausted and thus our criteria for placing the remaining stations has become more selective. We will evaluate all proposed locations to determine whether they qualify for Wind2Speed to make budget available to procure a station for the approved Custodian to maintain. This evaluation process will be transparent and will be discussed with the applicant(s).

Feel free to email us your proposal: w2s@wind2speed.co.za

You Already have a Weather Station?

Should you have a weather station already, and that station makes it's data available via the internet or some 3rd party service, then our technical team would be happy discuss the possibility or integration. We have integrated with RaspberryPi and other DIY weather stations during our testing phases and we have the expertise to write the software.